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RimWorld: How To Get Plasteel

This guide will show you how to get Plasteel in RimWorld.

The top-down indie game RimWorld is a futuristic game where humans are spread across the universe. While there are different colonies, the player character is stranded on the procedurally generated planet. With the end goal of constructing a spaceship in mind, the random traits given to the characters will affect the nature of the gameplay. Although before you plot your great escape, you need to progress in the game and build a civilization. While you progress collecting items and resources you will come across Plasteel. This guide will show you how to get Plasteel in RimWorld.

How to Get Plasteel in RimWorld


RimWorld Get Plasteel

While it is available in rarity, Plasteel is also the strongest material in RimWorld. Thus it is quite difficult to mine as it can be found in very small veins, usually between 2 to 8 tiles in size. It is quite commonly used in ship engines and other modules needed to build a spaceship. All part of your Great Escape. Here’s what you need to do to get Plasteel in RimWorld:

  • Although mining is a difficult way, each tile can yield about 40 plasteel. If you manage to get a compacted Plasteel deposit, you will get a nice supply of Plasteel.
  • The easiest method is buying it from a trader. Although make sure you have sufficient animals to carry it as Plasteel is heavy in RimWorld.
  • You can even get Plasteel if you disassemble a Mechanoid in the game.
  • If you spot an Underground Plasteel Vein, using a Deep Drill will get you Plasteel in high supply.


Since Plasteel is the strongest material in the game, it is highly used in defensive turrets and walls. The toughness and strength make up for some great frontline against raiders. Additionally, you can craft strong melee weapons and armor with Plasteel in RimWorld.

That’s all you need on how to get Plasteel in RimWorld. While you are here, make sure you check out RimWorld Guides for more such content with Gamer Tweak.