How To Get Planet Shaper In A Universal Time (AUT) Roblox

Check out how you can get Planet Shaper in A Universal Time.

Planet Shaper is a non-canon Stand in A Universal Time. It was made by Alu_Dev who is also a member of the AUT staff team. Non-canon Stand means that it is created for the game and isn’t part of the original JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure anime or manga series. JJBA is the anime A Universal Time is based on. So without further ado, let us see how to get Planet Shaper in AUT and its abilities.

How to Get Planet Shaper in AUT (A Universal Time)

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Image credit: Anksious on YouTube

Planet Shaper is one of those Stands which doesn’t require you to do any special quests to get it. It just needs you two to follow two steps. These are the steps to get it:

  • Have Crystallized as your Stand. This is probably one of the biggest prerequisites in these two steps, as you can’t get Planet Shaper without having Crystallized. Getting Crystallized isn’t that big of an issue though. You can get Crystallized as a Stand from an arrow. So, if you don’t get Crystallized you could just go to the “Ability Resetter” to get your Stand erased until you get Crystallized.
  • Once you have Crystallized keep it equipped as your Current Stand, but don’t summon it. You have to look out for meteorites. Once you find a meteorite, interact with it. Again DO NOT summon your stand before interacting with the meteorite. The moment you interact with the meteorite press Q to summon your Stand. And if you are lucky your Crystallized will evolve into Planet Shaper. Sadly it comes down to luck because you only have a 1% chance to get this Stand.

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What are its Abilities and Damage?

  • Planetary Barrage: Press E and hold, Planet Shaper will release a barrage of punches which get quicker with every punch and it deals a total of 49 damage while summoning crystals to deal 15 damage and knockback the opponent.
  • Teleportation Warp Punch: Press R, Planet Shaper will throw a punch which will teleport your target ahead while dealing 30 damage, this move also stuns them for a few seconds.
  • Ground Slam: Press H, This move will deal 80 damage to the opponent in front of you while smashing them.
  • Wing Slash: Press V, Planet Shaper will dash forward while dealing 60 damage to the opponent.

That sums up everything about Planet Shaper and his Abilities. Didn’t like Planet Shaper? You can always get it changed from “Ability Resetter” and try out a new Stand. You should check out our guide on how to get stands in AUT to get the upper hand in your A Universal Time playthrough.