Grounded Picnic Table Guide: How To Get On It

Learn how to Get on the Picnic Table in Grounded from this guide.

Grounded is a Survival Game where you and your friends play in the Micro world of Insects. Your Goal is to survive this tiny world till you can escape it & find out why you were Shrunk. Along your journey in this miniature World, you will visit many places of Interest like the Picnic Table. The Picnic Table is a small Surface Biome that is tricky to get to but has some good resources that you will want to get your hands on. In this guide, I will show you how to Get on the Picnic Table in Grounded.

How to Get on the Picnic Table in Grounded

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As mentioned above, the Picnic Table in Grounded is a Small Surface Biome that is hard to access. There are only a few ways the player can take to successfully get there. It is in the Western portion of the Backyard so your trek will begin from there. Follow the steps below to get on to the Picnic Table in Grounded.

  • There are two levels of the Picnic Table, the Table itself & the Bench.
  • To get to the Bench, you use the easy way or the hard way.
  • The Hard way is to build a Staircase using Weeds.
  • In contrast, the easy way requires only one Bratburst or Splatburst Bomb.
  • Near the Picnic Table, you will find a Leaning Shovel.
  • At its base, you will find a Rock with a crack on it.
  • Throw the Bratburst or Splatburst on it to break it, dropping the Shovel on the Bench.
  • Now climb up the Shovel to get to the Bench.
  • Phase one of getting on to the Picnic Table in Grounded is complete.
  • Once you get to the Bench, walk to the other end of it.
  • Be careful as there are Bees around, don’t trigger them if you are not prepared for the fight.
  • At the end of the Bench, you find a Fork and climb down it to a Crossbeam.
  • Use the Crossbeam to get to the other Bench.
  • On the other Bench, you will find Books.
  • Climb them till you reach the Cooler.
  • Now with a Hammer, hit the Red spot on the Cooler.
  • This will drop down the Cooler’s Handle to the Table.
  • Climb it and you get to the Top of the Picnic Table.

This was all about how to Get on the Picnic Table in Grounded. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Find Termites in Grounded.