How To Get Pickles In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Take a look at the locations to buy & get Pickles in Pokemon SV.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet there are plenty of things you can do, that’ll keep you engaged for hours. However your main aim is to train the Pokemon you catch and get them ready for battles, Tera Raids, and more. If you are having trouble catching and training the Pokemon then you can always take some help from the items available in the game. One such item is the Pickle which can be used to make various sandwiches. If you are unable to get this ingredient, then we have got your back. In this article, we’ll walk you through the locations to find & get Pickles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Locations to Find Pickles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Where to Find Pickles In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Players can find & get Pickles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet by purchasing them from the Aquiesta Supermarket & Sure Cans shop. You’ll find these shops in the Pladea region pretty easily. Once you do, go ahead and purchase 1 Pickle for 90 Poke Dollars and you’ll be good to go. There is no minimum requirement or progression needed to unlock the pickle in the game. For your reference, we have mentioned all the Aquiesta Supermarket & Sure Cans shop locations in the article below.

  • Aquiesta Supermarket is located in Levincia city.
  • Sure Cans shop is located all around the Paldea region. Here’s a list of the shop locations you can visit in the game.
    • Mesagoza
    • Cascarrafa
    • Levincia
    • Medali
    • Porto Marinada
    • Artazon

This is how you can find and buy Pickles in Pokemon SV. Now you can easily make the sandwiches that grant buffs in the game. There are many types of sandwiches you can make using pickles, such as.

  • Refreshing Sandwich (Master / Ultra)
  • Pickle Sandwich (Great/ Ultra/ Master)
  • Ham Sandwich (Great/ Ultra/ Master)

Each Sandwich will provide you with boosts and help you encounter rare Pokemon easily. And it will also increase your capturing rate. That sums up everything about how you can get the Pickles in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. While you are here check out how to get Bacon in the game. For more tips & tricks check out other Pokemon SV guides.