Diablo 4 Penitent Greaves: How To Get It

If you’re farming gears then make sure you unlock the Penitent Greaves in Diablo 4. This is one of the Unique Items that provide a unique frost effect for your character. As it’s a Non-Class item it can be equipped to any character of your choice. And just like you many players are looking for this pair of boots especially because of its Chilled trail effect. Where it deals more damage to chilled enemies. But apart from that it also provides some decent movement speed which can surely come in handy. With that being said, let’s see where you can find Penitent Greaves in D4 easily.

Where Can I Find Penitent Greaves in Diablo 4

Where Can I Find Penitent Greaves in Diablo 4
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In Diablo 4, you can find & get Penitent Greaves in World Tier 3, i.e. Nightmare difficulty. Here all you have to do is defeat as many enemies as you can. Or open the hidden treasure chests scattered around the Sanctuary and that’ll do the trick. Along with that, you’ll also get to farm 100% more XP and 15% more gold than the World Tier 2. If you haven’t unlocked Nightmare difficulty yet then you can do that by simply beating the Cathedral of Light Capstone dungeon on Veteran mode.

If you didn’t get the chance to unlock Penitent Greaves in World 3 then you can always try your luck in World Tier 5, Torment. It is the hardest difficulty in Diablo 4 and also has a high chance to drop Ancestral and Unique items. But do note, surviving in both the above-mentioned world is not going to be that easy, so make sure you farm enough higher-level gear.

Now that you know about how you can unlock & get Penitent Greaves’ unique item in Diablo 4, let’s see what are its effects & Affixes.

  • Effects
    • Leaves a trail of frost after every step you take. Chilled enemies deal more damage.
  • Affixes
    • Dodge Chance while evading
    • Movement Speed
    • Crowd control duration
    • Reduced duration of enemy slow
    • Cold resistance

That’s all you need to know about how you can get Penitent Greaves in Diablo 4 easily. If you’re planning to get more rare items, then check out this Unique Items guide. Also, take a look at ways to get Ancestral gears in D4.

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