How To Farm & Get Nectar In Smalland

Craft treats for your pets by collecting Nectar in Smalland: Survive the Wilds

A massive adventure at a small scale, Smalland: Survive the Wilds is the weirdest action survival game you can play right now. Players can explore the luscious forest full of bugs and insects you can hunt for materials. The game lets you craft armor and weapons from the materials you find in the Wilds. One such item that players can’t seem to find is Nectar. Let’s look at where we find and collect Nectar in Smalland.

Where to Get Nectar in Smalland?

how to get nectar in smalland

Nectar is a vital item to have in Smalland: Survive the Wilds. Nectar can be harvested from Poppy flowers, which can be identified by their peach color and plate-shaped flower. The flower is scattered all over the open world in Smalland, but there are two locations where you can find Poppies in abundance.

The first location to look for Poppies is on the top right corner of the map. Make your way to the spot where you first meet Drustana near the wooden bench and you should spot the Poppies that grow in the region. The second place to look for Nectar in Smalland is on the western region of the map. Here you can look for Poppies around the region where Skadi can be found. These Poppies can be harvested by using your basic Wooden Hatchet. Note that these regions are full of bugs that can easily kill you, we recommend going in with your best weapons.

You can also harvest Nectar in Smalland from a plant called Cyclamen, There can be found growing on the island in the southern part of the map. This region opens up to you mid-way through the story. Players will have to use a Flint Hatchet to harvest Nectar from the plants.

Once you have Nectar you can craft yourself some food items. The most important of these items are treats you can make to tame insects like Grasshoppers and Ladybugs. You can even craft a Ladybug Travel Kit, that acts as both a treat and storage for your items.

That’s all we have on how to get Nectar in Smalland. For more tips on the game, check out our Smalland: Survive the Wilds guides here on Gamer Tweak.