How To Get Navi In Anime Fighting Simulator X

You can earn 50 Yen by unlocking Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X. Know how to find her.

Players are always eager to get the secret Champion Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X. She loves money and will give you 50 Yen per minute when equipped. You will get x0.5 Chakra and x0.5 Speed boost when you unlock her. This boost increases as she levels up. However, obtaining her is difficult as she is not a regular unit. So, let us find out how you can get her.

How to Get Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X (AFSX)

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There is only one way to obtain Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X, through Champion Pod Summon. Yes, like any other unit, she is also found here. However, the chances are very slim, making this task very difficult. Here are some steps you can follow to find her.

  • Go to the Summon area. You will find this on the Minimap as Capsule.
  • Go inside the white circle where you can Summon Champions.
  • It will cost you 1,000 Chikara to draw one unit at random.
  • Navi won’t be on the list of Champions available in the Pod as she is a Secret unit.
  • Start drawing units and you will have a chance of obtaining her too.
  • This will take a lot of time and Chikara, so you better collect as many as possible.
  • You can buy Luck Boost for R$79, Luck for R$299, and Super Luck Gamepass for R$999 to improve your chances.

Keep trying and eventually, you will summon her. You can then be AFK and still earn Yen. Don’t forget to level her up as it will boost her powers and abilities.

So, that was everything on how to get Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X. While you are here, check out our guide on how to get Devil Fruits to unlock powerful abilities for your Champions. And after you get abilities, level up Champions by reading this guide here on Gamer Tweak.