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How To Refill Health Potions In Hogwarts Legacy

Here is how you can replenish your health potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

Once you run out of health potions in Hogwarts Legacy, you will look for ways to refill them. These potions are very useful as they restore your HP and let you fight more in battles. And the good thing is there are multiple ways you can restock them before you take fights. So here is how you can get more Wiggenweld potions in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get More Wiggenweld Health Potions in Hogwarts Legacy

how to refill health potions in hogwarts legacy
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There are mainly 2 ways that allow you to refill your health potions by restocking them:

  • Brewing Wiggenweld Potions at Room of Requirement
  • Buying Health Potions from J. Pippins Potions Store

And while the above two methods are guaranteed ways to get them. You can also explore the game’s world to randomly find them.

Brewing Wiggenweld Potions at Room of Requirement

Start by purchasing the Wiggenweld Potions Recipe from J. Pippins Potions if you don’t have it already. In order to make your own Health Potions you need two ingredients:

  • Dittany Leaves x1. You can grow them using Dittany seeds or buy them at the Magic Neep Store.
  • Horklump Juice x1. You can mostly find Horklump Juice in spider lairs. Or you can even purchase them at J. Pippins Potions for 50 gold each.

And you should also complete the “Potions Class” main quest to be able to brew your own potions. Once you have attended your first potions class and have the ingredients ready here is how to brew it:

  1. Go to the Room of Requirement.
  2. Interact with your Potions table Station.
  3. Select the Wiggenweld potion and wait for 15 seconds.

After it is ready you will have your Health Potion refilled.

Buying Health Potions from J. Pippins Potions Store

In case you don’t want to spend time manually brewing your potions. Or if you have collected a good sum of money. Then you can simply buy Wiggenweld Potions at the J. Pippins Potions store for 100 gold each. You can buy 5 health potions a day.

Lastly, make sure you keep an eye out for chests or scattered health potions in the open. While these are random you can still come across them while exploring or before boss fights.

That covers this guide on all ways to refill Wiggenweld health potions in Hogwarts Legacy and how to get more of them. If you found this guide useful and are looking for help on other topics for this game then you should check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.