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Lost Ark – How To Get More Crew Sailors?

Here's our guide that explains how to recruit and get more sailors into your crew in Lost Ark.

The crew is an integral and the most crucial factor whilst sailing in Lost Ark. The speed of your ship depends on your crew. It is up to you to recruit and add new sailors to the crew. These sailors have different skills based on their diverse rarities. You can send your crew to complete your different activities like dungeons, raids, daily missions, and other naval missions from your Stronghold. But for that, you will need additional sailors of higher rarities. Here’s our guide on how to recruit and get more crew sailors in Lost Ark.

How to Recruit & Get More Crew Sailors in Lost Ark?


Before we start with getting more crew members, there are some prerequisites you will have to complete. You have to complete all the story quests of Luttera and then unlock your first boat. After getting your first boat, you have to activate the Sailor Contract in your inventory. This will allow you to recruit and add more sailors to your crew. This also depends on the size of your boat or ship.

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  • Now, one of the ways to recruit Sailors to your crew is to find a Trade Merchant.
  • You will have to purchase a contract through research at the lab to allow them in your Stronghold.
  • These merchants sell collectibles, rare items, and add new sailors to your crew in exchange for Seals.
  • They are available temporarily in your Stronghold and their items keep on changing as the game server resets.
  • Although they provide you with new crew members, their rarities are most often low and do not offer any skills.
  • But as the server approximately resets every eight hours, there is also a chance that you might get a hold of Sailors with high rarity and skills.
  • Alternatively, the other way to get more crew members is through Mokoko seeds.
  • These seeds are collectible currencies that are scattered all around and easily obtainable.
  • You can then redeem the crew application form to add a new crew member by spending these seeds.
  • With these seeds, you can get crew members like Cocorico, Narinari, Poipoi, and Chicachica.


Make a note that there are certain sailors that you can use only in ships while some can be used only in your Stronghold.

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