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How To Quickly Get Monotite In PSO2

Do you wish to know how to get Monotite in PSO2? Check it out right here

Monotite in PSO2 New Genesis is a useful item that you’re always going to need so it is best to know how you can get loads of it with minimal effort. It will help you upgrade your weapons and so much more. If you want to know how to get Monotite in PSO2, you’ve just got to read until the end.

How To Get Monotite In PSO2


To get Monotite in PSO2, all you have to do is keep exploring the game. As soon as you see red-colored gem stuck within the rocky nodes, just hit at it and you will have collected it. The more you collect Monotite, the better it will be as you won’t have to keep pushing for it whenever you want to upgrade your weapons.

how to get monotite in pso2

Monotite is found all throughout the planet of Halpha, it is commonly found, which is great when it comes to farming this particular item. Areas with a lot of rocky terrains are the best places where you can find Monotite in PSO2.


The monotite will keep recycling through the same areas, you will just have to keep checking the nearby areas for it to spawn again.

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If the grind isn’t something that you’re looking forward to getting involved in, you can simply purchase Monotite from player shops in exchange for N-Grinders.


While this is the easiest way out, if you simply invest in the grind, you will be able to find more items than just it like Trinites or Photon Chunks that will help you progress quickly.

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