How To Get Money In A Universal Time (AUT)

In A Universal Time, just like most games, you can use the money to buy various items. Let's see how you can get money and where you can use it.

Money, or as it was previously called Banknote, is a usable item in AUT. In this guide, let’s take a look at how to get money in A Universal Time and how to use it.

How to Get Money in AUT (A Universal Time)

aut get money

The only way as of now is to run around the map and wait for chests to spawn. That isn’t much of an issue though because this game spawns quite a number of chests around the map. But the thing you will need to be concerned about is getting to the chest first. Since a lot of players will be playing at the same time you will have to be fast to get your hands on them.

How do I use the Money?

You can use your Money to get Universal Coins or for trading. You can then spend these Universal Coins in the Shop or at Akira’s Bizarre Shop. A man in a red hoodie will be inside the Shop, which when interacted with will sell you the following items:

  • Rokakaka Fruit: 500$ UC
  • Arrow: 1000$ UC
  • Hamon: 50,000$ UC
  • Requiem Arrow: 500,000$ UC
  • Holy Diary: 1,000,000$ UC
  • DIO’s Diary: 1,000,000$ UC
  • Gift from the Gods: 1,000,000$ UC
  • Vampire Mask: 100,000$ UC
  • Spin: 150,000$ UC
  • Shadow: 2,500,000$ UC
  • All Might: 3,500,000$ UC

Alternatively, you could also spend your UC at Akira’s Bizarre Shop which sells you the following items:

  • Arrow: 1500$ UC
  • Bone: 15000$ UC

That covers everything you need to know on how to get Money in AUT and where you can spend it. While you are here you should also check out our A Universal Time Stand rarity tier list, to get some upper hand on which are the best Stands in the game. Plus, here’s how to get Sans and all Private Server Codes (Updated). For everything else, stay with Gamer Tweak!