How To Make Molotov Cocktail In Terraria

Here is a guide on how to make Molotov Cocktail in Terraria.

Terraria is an action-adventure sandbox game that has been out for more than a decade. The game features simulation activities like mining, cooking, painting and even combat. Speaking of combat, the Molotov cocktail is a consumable ranged weapon in Terraria which is quite powerful. The best part about it is that unlike other weapons, this weapon will not damage the thrower even if you come in contact with it. If you’re wondering about how to make Molotov Cocktail in Terraria then look no further. You’re at the right place!

Molotov Cocktail Recipe in Terraria

The Molotov cocktail is not the most accurate, but it can inflict significant damage on your enemies. Since some players still have the older version of Terraria, we have included two recipes:

Old version

  • Silk
  • Torch
  • 10 glasses of Ale

New version

  • 5 glasses ale
  • Pink Gel
  • Silk
  • Torch

Get Molotov Cocktail in Terraria

The older version had a fairly simple way on how to make Molotov cocktail in Terraria. The one big change that can be noticed is the Pink Gel in the newer version. More on that later but first let’s break some of these items down for better understanding.


To make 5 pieces of Ale, you will need 10 Sand Blocks first. These will then turn to 5 Glass Boxes which will eventually turn into the same number of Mugs. Ultimately, you will get 5 glasses of Ale.


You will first require cobwebs. These can then be turned into Silk by using the loom. 7 cobwebs would be required to make one Silk.

Pink Gel

Lastly, the Pink Gel can be obtained after defeating Pinky. It is a rare slime which has a spawning chance of only 1/180.

That’s pretty much all you need to know about how to make Molotov Cocktail in Terraria. If this recipe proved useful for you, do check more such Terraria guides right here.