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Destiny 2 – How To Get Mod Components?

Here's how & where to farm and get Mod Components in Destiny 2.

If you are out of mod components or are new to the game and were wondering where you can get some, I am here today with a guide to tell you where you can earn mod components in Destiny 2.

How to Get Mod Components in Destiny 2?


There are currently only ways to get Mod Components in Destiny 2:

  • x2 Mod Components per each Banshee-44 daily bounties
  • x1 Mod Components per each Banshee-44 repeatable bounties
  • Buy x1 Mod Components from Ada-1 for  x3 Legendary Shards & x25 Gunsmith Materials

Modding armor was introduced with armor 2.0 that came with Shadowkeep. This opened up the option to create builds around certain scenarios and fine-tune your Guardian to get the most out of a particular playstyle. While armor mods were a thing in the past too, they were restricted to what RNGeesus blessed you with, with maybe 1 or 2 options available in the name of flexibility. Armor 2.0 came with the sole purpose of being able to micro-manage every single aspect and help make your Guardian truly yours.


This system was released with a set of mods that definitely allowed some flexibility and over time, season over season Bungie kept adding more and more which brings us to today and the crazy possibilities we have in the game now. For veterans who practically own every single mod, the components are pretty much useless(but it’s fun to hoard them) but for people looking to rack their mod game, this is how you get them.

how & where to farm and get Mod Components in Destiny 2

Where to Farm & Get Mod Components in Destiny 2


The Gunsmith at the tower, Banshee-44, sells a selection of weekly, daily and repeatable bounties. Pick up the 4 daily bounties daily and once you complete them you’ll be awarded 2 mod components for each bounty, which sums up to 8 components a day and 56 components a week. The daily bounties will take you 10-15 minutes to complete at best as they ask you to get x number of kills with a given weapon type. So, pick up your bounty, equip the right guns and fly to Trostland in the EDZ and eliminate the pesky fallen using the designated weapons.

Banshee-44 also offers a set of repeatable bounties that cost 3K glimmer a piece and grant you one mod component per bounty. You can hold 5 of them at a time and they can be picked up indefinitely and the requirements to complete them are similar to the dailies with the only exception being you have to get x number of kills with any given weapon in a single life. The “weapon testing” grounds in EDZ are your friend, remember that. These are the only two ways to get mod components in Destiny 2 right now and if you keep doing your bounties, both dailies and repeatable, you’ll be mod components rich in no time.

Where to Spend Mod Components?


Now that we know how to get mod components, let’s take a quick look at where we can get mods from shall we? Once you have enough mod components to burn, you can visit Banshee-44(the guy who sells you these bounties) and acquire some armor but mostly weapon-specific mods like Rampage Spec, Dragonfly Spec, and so on. These mods help you increase the duration or potency of certain perks or help you with better in-air accuracy and better target acquisition. These mods cost 10 mod components per piece and are available in rotation on a daily basis. There aren’t that many mods available in banshee’s inventory so you’ll very quickly nab all of them, however, there is another friend of ours at the tower who offers a vast variety of mods to pick up.

The second vendor who sells mods in the tower can be found in the Tower Annex and goes by the name of Ada-1. If you were around during the Black Armory days, you know who she is and if you are new, then she’s the Exo you go to for your armor synthesis needs. Ada offers a huge pool of armor mods that also rotate on a daily basis and also cost you 10 components per piece. All the Charged With Light mods, Warmind Cell mods, and the world pool mods can be obtained from her. The one downside here is that her rotation is all over the place so getting that one mod you are missing from years ago could take weeks if not months to become available.

If you are new then that’s a different story because every day you can pick up two new mods pretty much and expand your collection. If you want to fine-tune your builds and use all that crazy stuff your friends and favorite YouTubers and streamers are using, then Ada-1 is the person you should look towards. These are the only two vendors that sell mods that can be bought as new seasonal mods are only available through progressing forward with the season and world mods are random and are easy to get.

There you have it. This has been the process of earning mod components so you can get those sweet, sweet mods for yourself and build up your monster killing machine. You can also check out other Destiny 2 articles here at GamerTweak.