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How To Get Metal Sonic In Sonic Speed Simulator

Check out how to unlock and get Metal Sonic in Roblox Sonic Speed Simulator.

Sonic Speed Simulator has a plethora of skins you can unlock, among which, the Metal Sonic is the coolest you can get. This metal variant is nothing like the beloved Hedgehog. Created by Dr. Eggman, the Metal variant can match and replicate the moves and speed of its organic counterpart. That makes it one of the strongest and most dangerous foes in the series. This guide will tell you how to unlock this metal variant in Roblox Speed Simulator.


How to Get Metal Sonic in Sonic Speed Simulator

Complete Metal Madness event to get Metal Sonic skin

In this official Sonic the Hedgehog Roblox game, your objective is to level up fast by running. As you level up, your speed and power increase and you can race other players to win fantastic rewards. Now, before attempting the Metal Madness event, we recommend you reach a high level of around 100. Also, equip CHAO pets to boost your speed, power, and magnet.

To get Metal Sonic, you’ll have to complete all the quests in his Metal Madness event. Find the mentioned Mysterious Orbs, Defeat Metal Sonic thrice, and Finish the Race in 1:20 to unlock him. You also get CHAO for every quest in his event. To start the event:

  • Look for a portal named Metal Madness and enter it.
  • You will be challenged by Metal Sonic for a race.
  • Run along the path and avoid falling off. If you do, you’ll have to start from the last checkpoint.
  • Dodge the Pink Beams to avoid getting reset.
  • Collect the Mysterious Orbs, EXP Gems, and Rings along the way.
  • Don’t sweat if you lose the race since you’ll have to grind out this race to collect all the Mysterious Orbs.
  • After a point, you will understand every nook and cranny of the track and you’ll be able to beat it with ease.

Once you complete all the quests, you’ll receive a notification saying “Metal Sonic Unlocked”. Then, you can equip it in the Skin Selection Menu.

That’s all from us on how to get Metal Sonic in Sonic Speed Simulator. While you are here, check out our list of Sonic Speed Simulator codes to get freebies in our Roblox section.