How To Get Metal Bat In Fruit Seas

Fruit Seas holds numerous important weapons that players will have to unlock and use against enemies to beat them. One of these weapons, the Metal Bat in Fruit Seas is quite useful in fending off your enemies. However, the journey won’t be as easy as it sounds since the map that players will have to head to is a new one and many will be confused while they are there.

If you are looking for the Metal Bat, finding the NPC Delinquent is of utmost importance since he is the one holding the bat. Getting it off of him is going to be a little tedious but once you find him, be prepared for a small fight. Once that is done, you will be able to get the bat from him and have it in your inventory for use although you will have to pay a significant amount of Beli.

Where to Find the Metal Bat in Fruit Seas

Where to Find the Metal Bat in Roblox Fruit Seas
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Since you want the Metal Bat in Fruit Seas, you will have to first reach the Cactus Peak that was recently added to the game in the update. While you are there, you will have to look for the NPC Delinquent in a khaki tower in the corner of the island. Once you meet him, he will ask if you want to get beaten up and if you give him a pounding, that would be the end of it. Whether you do so or not, you can buy the Metal Bat from him for 250K Beli.

While the Bat is not really the best, it has some useful abilities so players will find the Beli that they spend to be worth it. You can get the Home Run Ability at Weapon Mastery level 85 and the Wild Frenzy Ability at Weapon Mastery level 125. Although there are better weapons, the abilities make this one somewhat useful and worth the effort that players will have to give for this one. Since you might be new to the game, you would want to unlock the Fist Fighting Style.

That’s all you will need to get Metal Bat in Fruit Seas. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Roblox guides in our dedicated section while you are here at Gamer Tweak.