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How To Find Meridian Grenade Launcher In Remnant 2

Here's how players can get their hands on one of the best Grenade Launchers in Remnant 2, The Meridian.

While Meridian Grenade Launcher can boast itself as one of the top weapons in Remnant 2, it is quite troublesome to find it. Since it is one of the secret weapons, finding it is a pain unless you know exactly what you are looking for (or get lucky with it). Due to the dynamic map structure, we can’t show you exactly where the weapon would be but this guide will explain exactly what you need to look for if you are to find the Meridian Grenade Launcher.

How to Get Meridian Grenade Launcher in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Meridian Grenade Launcher Location

Players need to find the secret sewer room in the Great Sewers location of Losomn and flood it if they want to get the Meridian Grenade Launcher in Remnant 2. However, many players have been able to find the entrance to the secret room in Harvester’s Reach or Tiller’s Reach as well. Because of the dynamic campaign, you will have to find out the location on your own. However, what you are looking for is a hidden entrance, wooden platform, or a tunnel entrance that is blocked by a shelf and barrels. Once players destroy them, they should be able to get in.

Remnant 2 Secret Sewer Room Location
Image Source: Vulkan (YouTube)

Before entering, you might be able to spot certain slimes who may make it difficult for you. Make sure you kill them off and then jump onto the wooden platform that you find at the end of the tunnel. Now, look for a drain pipe that seems to be blocked by another slime. This is the one you need in order to flood the room. Once you kill the slime, you need to wait for an hour or two in real time for the room to be filled so you can head out for some time if you wish. After that, follow the wooden path to find two planks of wood floating on the water. They will lead you through an opening where players will find the Meridian Grenade Launcher in Remnant 2.

Do Note – Falling in the water while crossing the planks is an instant death.

That’s all we have on the Meridian Grenade Launcher in Remnant 2. While you are here, check out our other Remnant 2 guides for more such content right here at Gamer Tweak.