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Madden 23: How To Get The BETA Access

Learn how to get the BETA access for Madden 23 from this guide.

Madden 23 is the NFL game by EA Games where you play with your Team against the world. It is on the horizon and players are excited about it. Recently, the BETA for it was announced, and here is your chance to grab it. In this guide, I will show you how to get the BETA for Madden 23.

How to Get Madden 23 BETA


get madden 23 beta

On June 2nd, 2022, the closed BETA for Madden 23 was launched for PS & Xbox. If you have signed up for EA’s Madden Opportunity, you are eligible of getting the closed BETA. Don’t get too excited as there is only a chance of getting it. So keep on checking your Mail for the BETA access code. That is one way of getting the BETA access for Madden 23. If you didn’t sign up for the EA’s Madden Opportunity, then there is still a way of getting it. There will be codes will be available on Madden’s Twitter. Those who can get the code will be able to play the BETA.

Since Madden 23 is in BETA, most features will be restricted and the only modes that will be playable are Play Now and H2H Ranked game modes. Be careful as the EA will cancel your BETA access and/or Ban players if they stream, screen capture, or record the game in any shape or form. Play it to get the feel for it as there will be an opportunity to show the gameplay.


To download the game, go to your respective platform store, i.e. PS Store & Xbox Store. From there, find the code section and apply the BETA access code. This will start the game and you will be able to play Madden 23.

The game modes that will be coming to Madden 23 in the future are:

  • Face of the Franchise: The League
  • Franchise Mode
  • Madden Ultimate Team
  • Squads/Multiplayer for Superstar KO
  • Squads/Multiplayer for The Yard
  • Superstar KO
  • The Yard


This was all about how to get Madden 23 BETA. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides on our website, Gamer Tweak.