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How To Get Free Lisa Skin In Genshin Impact (A Sobriquet Under Shade)

Here is how you can get Lisa's A Sobriquet Under Shade skin in Genshin Impact.

A Sobriquet Under Shade is a new character outfit for Lisa that you can freely get in Genshin Impact. As per the game’s description, she commissioned it to someone during her visit to Sumeru. Interestingly, this dress also resembles her Akademiya uniform. The best part is you can easily get your hands on it by doing a few challenges. So here is how you can unlock the new Lisa skin in Genshin Impact by completing the “An Elegant Lady’s Wardrobe” quest in the Second Blooming event.

How to Get Lisa’s Skin in Genshin Impact

genshin impact get free lisa skin from an elegant lady's wardrobe

You can get the Lisa Skin by scoring 10000 points and completing the 5 challenges in the Second Blooming event. This is a combat event that starts on 31st January and will end on 13th February 2023. There are 5 challenges that will unlock daily. You get 2000 points just for completing each challenge. So you will get Lisa’s A Sobriquet Under Shade dress on the fifth day. You can score better in each challenge to get additional rewards. Here is how you can get access to the Domain and challenges:

challenges to complete for lisa skin in genshin impact

  1. Start the World Quest “A Librarian’s Long and Carefree Vacation”.
  2. Talk to Effendi and answer his questions.
  3. Go to the Puspa Cafe and speak with Gafoor.
  4. Spoilers: Here, you will find Lisa talking to Gafoor in the cafe.
  5. After their conversation, go to the Mawtiyama forest.
  6. Once Gafoor explains to you about the Domain in Mawtiyama forest. You can do the challenges and get Lisa’s skin.

In order to participate in the Second Blooming event you need:

  • Adventure Rank (AR) 20 or above
  • Complete Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”
  • Complete Story Quest “Troublesome Work”

That covers this guide on how to get Lisa’s Skin in Genshin Impact and complete the “An Elegant Lady’s Wardrobe” quest. If you found this guide useful then be sure to check out our Genshin Impact section for more help with other such topics.