Soulmask: How To Get Liquid Food

Liquid Food in Soulmask plays an important role in taming NPCs. Here’s how you can get all these different food items.

While taming NPCs in this game, players must increase the Recognition meter of the character they have attacked. Similarly, you will need to feed them Liquid Food in Soulmask to do this. Broth, Mushroom Soup, etc., are some food items that fall under this category.

Once you have attacked a particular NPC and their health is drained to 20%, they will need food items that help with hydration. As a result, understanding how you get Liquid Food is essential. To learn more about this, here’s everything you need to know to get these food items in Soulmask.

How to Make Liquid Food in Soulmask

How To Make Liquid Food In Soulmask

As mentioned earlier, players must get Liquid Food as it helps boost the Recognition meter while taming NPCs. You will first need to craft a Bowl to get any of these food items. The Bowl recipe requires players to get x15 Clay and x1 Ceramic Mold. Once you have these materials, you can make a Bowl at the Potting Table.

For the next step, you will need to get the Cooking Stove. To make this crafting station, you will need x10 Branch, x20 Stone, and x2 Ceramic Mold. Before making any of the Liquid Food items, craft a Water Bottle and get as much water as you can to use during this process.

To begin making these items, interact with the Cooking Stove, select any of the Liquid Food item’s recipes, and add the required ingredients to complete the process.

For example, while cooking Broth, one of the most basic Liquid Food items, you will need x20 Water Consumption, x2 Fresh Meat, and x1 Bowl. Similarly, you can repeat the same process to make other food items. However, you will have to gather and use the materials that the recipe needs.

This concludes our guide on how you can get Liquid Food in Soulmask. Don’t forget to check out how you can get Premium Fresh Meat, Poison Arrows, Bronze Ingot, and Blue Crystal.