How To Make Lightning In Infinite Craft

Curious about how Lightning is made in Infinite Craft? Here are the recipes you can follow to get it.

Lightning is one of the earliest and simplest recipes we must create to get complex elements in Infinite Craft. It is always best to first focus on obtaining things that we find in nature, let it be the Stone, Plant, Fish, Sand, or Fog. Once you have unlocked such materials, mixing them with artificial, fantasy, and other elements gives us advanced technology like the Computer and Minecraft.

Needless to say, combining them with initial elements will also give multipurpose items. Take for instance Lightning; when you add Water to it, you get Electricity, and by putting Fire, you create Sun. More such recipes are listed in this guide, so after forming this natural phenomenon, you should try those.

How to Create Lightning in Infinite Craft

How to Create Lightning in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

To make Lightning you can combine Cloud with Fire. While Fire is one of the initial items, you might still be confused about the Cloud. No need to though, simply follow this sequence and get it:

  • Water + Fire = Steam
  • Water + Steam = Cloud
  • Cloud + Fire = Lightning

Alternatively, you can combine the Electricity + Storm to get the Lightning. Storm is obtained by combining Rain with Cloud, and Rain is made with two pieces of Cloud. Cloud is made by mixing two Steam, and Steam is a product of Fire and Water. As for the Electricity, you can refer to our detailed guide.

Recipes That Use Lightning in Infinite Craft

Recipes That Use Lightning in Infinite Craft
Image Credit: Neal.Fun

There are tons of recipes you can craft using this element, some of which are listed here:

  • Lightning + Lightning = Thunder
  • Thunder + Lightning = Storm
  • Water + Lightning = Electricity
  • Fire + Lightning = Sun
  • Earth + Lightning = Volcano
  • Brick + Lightning = House
  • Ocean + Lightning = Squid
  • God + Lightning = Zeus
  • Life + Lightning = Frankenstein
  • Mars + Lightning = Olympus
  • Frankenstein + Lightning = Monster
  • Trident + Lightning = Poseidon
  • Wreck + Lightning = Titanic
  • Japan + Lightning = Godzilla
  • Godzilla + Lightning = King Kong
  • Swamp + Lightning = Dragon
  • Chili + Lightning = Chili Pepper
  • Museum + Lightning = Art
  • Apple + Lightning = Iphone
  • Venus + Lightning = Vulcan
  • Firecracker + Lightning = Fireworks
  • Boulder + Lightning = Fulgurite
  • Unicorn + Lightning = Pegasus
  • Glass + Lightning = Light Bulb
  • Toy + Lightning = Robot

Now that you have unlocked Lightning in Infinite Craft, you should try our other recipes. We have covered many topics like how to get Drunk and make all colors.