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Hogwarts Legacy Kneazle: How To Get It?

Check out this guide to know how to get Kneazle & Kneazle Fur in Hogwarts Legacy.

There is a plethora of Beasts available in Hogwarts Legacy that make themselves useful in different ways. A Kneazle is one such Beast that appears as a cat with big ears that can make a really good pet. Not only Kneazle but even its Fur is useful for creating Traits in Hogwarts Legacy. Sounds intriguing right? Here is everything you should know.

How to Get Kneazle in Hogwarts Legacy? (Locations)

How to Get Kneazle in Hogwarts Legacy

Similar to other magical creatures, you can find a Kneazle in a Kneazle Beast Den. Here are the locations at which you can find Kneazle Dens in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Southwest of Brocburrow
  • South of Northern South Sea Bog
  • Southwest of Marunweem
  • Northwest of Cragcroft
  • Southwest of Clagmar Coast

Ensure that you have completed The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And the Loom Quest. After this quest, you will receive a Nab-Sack through which you can rescue the Beasts and teleport them to the Vivarium in Room of Requirement. You can teleport any Beast including a Kneazle inside a  Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to Get Kneazle Fur?

Now that you know how to get a Kneazle, it’s time for you to collect Kneazle Furs. Once you have a Kneazle inside your Vivarium, take care of it by feeding or petting them. Make sure the Kneazles are happy so they drop their Fur for you. Another way to obtain Kneazle Fur is by purchasing it from Brood and Peck Shop at Hogsmeade for 400 Gold.

How to Get Kneazle Fur in Hogwarts Legacy

Finally, that you have received Kneazle Fur, you can use them to add Traits to your Gear in Hogwarts Legacy. Moreover, upgrading your Gear is a wise option before entering a quest.

That is pretty much it about obtaining Kneazle and Kneazle Fur in Hogwarts Legacy. While you are here, make sure to check out our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki for more such content.