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How To Get Jewel Of Yggdrasil In GoW Ragnarok

Take a look at how you can get all the 9 Jewels of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok easily.

There are several weapons, gears, and upgrade that’ll help you make Kratos invincible as you keep progressing in the game. One of which is the broken Amulet, this gear lets the player use the enchantments and give Kratos several buffs. However, the enchantments are not that easy to obtain. For those who are unaware, there are up to 9 slots available in the Amulet, which can be equipped with enchantments. As a downside, not all of them are available at the same time. In order to repair and unlock the slots you’ll need to find the Jewels. If you’re already on the hunt to find the Jewel Of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok, then we’re here to help.


Disclaimer: The following guide contains some massive spoilers. So, if you don’t want these spoilers, now is the best chance to head back and check later.

How to Unlock All Jewel of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok

How To Unlock & Get All Jewel Of Yggdrasil In God Of War (GoW) Ragnarok

Here’s how you can unlock the Jewel of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok. As mentioned earlier, there are 9 slots available in the Amulet. 2 of which are unlocked by default when you first earned the broken Amulet in The Reckoning (Main mission 6). So without any further ado let’s find the rest 7 Jewels of Yggdrasil and equip Kratos with all the enchantments we can.

  • First Jewel of the 7 you’ll find is in Midgard after defeating the Frost Phantom Boss. As soon as you defeat the boss, he will drop the Jewel that can be collected on the spot or later from the chest at the Blacksmith. This fight will take place in the quest named The World of Fate.
  • Second Jewel is located in Svartalfehim and can be obtained after defeating the Ogre. This fight takes place in the quest named Forging Destiny.
  • Third Jewel of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok is located in The Oarsmen which is situated in Midgard. The Jewel is placed into an underground Legendary chest. In order to access it, pull the huge chains beside a big ship, and you’ll be good to go. Beware of the enemies you’ll find near the chest.
  • Fourth Jewel is located on Alberich Island, situated in Svartalfheim. Here you simply have to explore the island and head to the end of it. There you’ll come across some puzzles that you have to solve and then finally in a Legendary Chest you’ll get the Jewel.
  • Fifth Jewel can be obtained from The Forbidden Sands region, located in Alfheim. Here the player will have to climb up the Elven Sanctum Building. After getting past 2 doors, simply head front and then climb on your left. There you’ll find the Jewel you are looking for in a Legendary Chest.
  • Sixth Jewel is located in The Jungle, which is situated in Vanaheim. In here after jumping over 2 broken bridges, simply head ahead and there you’ll see a narrow path inside a dead-end gate. After heading ahead simply jump into the big cage. And then use your axe to solve the puzzle and lift the wooden cage. And after that look for a Legendary Chest and inside it you’ll find your Jewel.
  • Seventh Jewel of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok is located in the Noatunn’s Garden situated in Vanaheim. After reaching there, look for a building with shut because of weight. Go ahead and solve the puzzle to lift the weight and inside the door, you’ll find the Legendary Chest. As we are familiar, within the chest lies the Jewel that’ll make Kratos more powerful.

After repairing the broken Amulet head to Armour Menu then click on the Amulet tab and equip the enchantments according to your preference. That sums up everything about how to get all Jewel of Yggdrasil in God of War Ragnarok. While you are here check out which is the best Chest Armor in the game.