How To Get Hero Points In Sword Warriors

Hero Points are far more valuable than the Gems in Roblox Sword Warriors.

Without Hero Points, you won’t be able to go that far in Roblox Sword Warriors. That’s because this currency is not only used to upgrade heroes but also to unlock some new ones. As a downside, the game doesn’t give you these points for free so it seems for a while you’ll be on your own. But don’t worry for your reference below we have mentioned all the possible methods to farm Hero Points in the game easily.

How to Farm Hero Points in Roblox Sword Warriors

How to Farm Hero Points in Roblox Sword Warriors

Currently, the only way to farm Hero Points in Roblox Sword Warriors is by completing all the quests in each world. So we recommend you grind all the quests as soon as you spawn in the game. Players can get new quests by interacting with the duck named Loyal Yellow Duck sitting on a podium. The tasks will be pretty easy in the early stages of the game, but it’ll surely start getting trickier as you keep progressing. After you’re done with all the quests in the world you’ll automatically get 1 Hero Point. Players can access & use this point by interacting with the Hero Monument kept in the lobby.

where to get quests and hero points in sword survivors

Hero Monument can be identified by a huge statue of a warrior holding a sword. There you’ll see all the options to summon new heroes or upgrade the existing ones. However don’t forget, you can only take 2 heroes to the battlefield. So we would advise you to only use the Hero Points to summon Heroes that add good value to your team. If you’re a new player, and having trouble with farming the Hero Points, then don’t worry. Go ahead and use this code ZHIYINNITAIMEI to unlock the IKun hero for free in Sword Warriors.

That is all about how you can farm Hero Points in Roblox Sword Warriors easily. If you play such games quite often then you’ll surely enjoy our Roblox Game Guides section. Also, do check out our Roblox Games Promo Codes list to get freebies for other games.