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MW2 & Warzone 2: How To Get Gun Screen

Here's how you can get Gun Screen in MW2 and Warzone 2.

In the new Modern Warfare 2, you can customize your weapons like never before. Along with fine-tuning and adding new attachments, you can change the look of the guns with custom skins. Not only that, but now you get the option to attach a Screen to your weapon. These widgets have specific functions like a real-time clock. Want to know how to get them? In this article, we will tell you how to get Gun Screen in MW2 and Warzone 2.


How to Get Gun Screen in MW2 and Warzone 2

Weapon Customization

With the release of the Battle Pass, several rewards became available to players worldwide. Among those rewards, you will find these attachments that you can obtain by leveling up. These are small screens you can attach to the side of your weapon. Every one of them has useful features like the Day and Time, Kill Tracker, and Headshot Count. To get the Gun Screen on your weapon in MW2 and Warzone 2, follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Weapons tab in the Main Menu.
  • Then, click on Loadout and select your Custom Loadout.
  • Navigate to the Gun you want and go to the Gunsmith menu.
  • On the top, click on the Customize tab.
  • There, you will find an option to add the Gun Screen.
  • Now, select the one you want to attach and you’re done.

As of now, there are five of them that you can unlock and attach.

  1. Endless Black
  2. Time is Money
  3. Hell of a Timepiece
  4. Listless
  5. Chronophobia

In some of the previous installments, players could equip watches. These new attachments have similar functions as those watches. The kill tracker may also be inspired by the famous StatTrak tech in CSGO.

That’s all from us on how to get Gun Screen in MW2 & Warzone 2. For more helpful guides like How to Acquire Durable Gas Mask, visit our Modern Warfare 2 section soon.