Fortnite: How To Get Guardian Shield (Map Location)

Here is how you can get the Guardian Shield in Fortnite.

There is a new item that you can get in Fortnite known as the Guardian Shield. If you have ever played Reinhardt in Overwatch 2 you can see how the shield works. It is quite a big energy shield that lets you protect yourself from a lot of damage. But you can’t just find it from any random chests. So in this guide check out how to Get the Guardian Shield in Fortnite, and learn how to use it.

How to Get the Guardian Shield in Fortnite

fortnite get and use the guardian shield

You can get the Guardian Shield in Fortnite from Oathbound Chests. While there are several locations where you could find Oathbound chests in the game. One place where we found it spawn almost always was outside Citadel.

To be precise you can find it at the steps that lead to the Citadel. Check the above image for reference. There is a minor problem here though. Just finding an Oathbound chest doesn’t guarantee that you will get a Guardian Shield. These chests can also give you Shockwave Hammer, Ex-Calibur Rifle, and other such items.

So the next best way would be to defeat an enemy that has this shield and take it from them. But if they are good at the game then you will have a hard time getting this shield from them. This is because not only does it give good coverage but also protects the user from a lot of damage.

How to Use the Guardian Shield in Fortnite

You can use Guardian Shield similar to how you use most other weapons, that is equip it and use the button to shoot. The interesting this is upon using, you can block a total of 1000 points of damage, this includes explosives as well. When you activate the shield it has 2000% energy. Every second 1 point of energy depletes.

You need to wait for 5 seconds to use it again if you deactivate it. If it is depleted completely then you need to wait for 10 seconds to use it again.

Lastly, you can also throw the shield in front of you to let it work automatically. Although when used like this it will only protect you from 50 damage.

That covers this guide on how to get the Guardian Shield in Fortnite and how to use it. If you are interested in more things about this game then check out our Chapter 4 Season 1 weapons Tier List. And for other things on this game check out our Fortnite section.