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How To Get More Grenades In Mass Effect 1

Blow up more stuff than us al by farming grenades in Mass Effect 1 using these methods.

If you like blowing up stuff in Mass Effect, this article is for you. Grenades are some of the coolest weapons in the game. They have a 10-second buffer before detonating unless the players detonate them before that. You will have to play as Commander Shepard as that is the only character that has access to throwing hand grenades in the game. They however are random and hard to find in the game which is a bummer. So in this guide, we will tell you how to find grenade locations get more grenades in Mass Effect fast, and farm them.

How to Get More Grenades in Mass Effect?


Grenade Locations Mass Effect

Grenades cannot be bought in the game. They are also available only through the environment of the game and cannot be refilled in between any kinds of missions and assignments. The need to be acquired in the following ways:

Method 1


A good source of getting more grenades is just killing your enemies in Mass Effect. When you kill enemies within the game, you get drops of different items. This may also sometimes get you the drop of grenades. Although occasional, you can just find these randomly and simultaneously while completing the game. You can always check the notifications that occur in the HUD indicating you have received grenades.

Method 2

They are also gotten from random containers that you can break in Mass Effect. These containers are in ample numbers and each crate will have important resources. Break them open and you might get lucky with grenades every now and then.


Method 3

Shepard’s Apartment on Inai’sei has a Grenade Dispenser in the hallway of Mass Effect. This however is limited to the Pinnacle Station DLC owners of the game. This dispenser will completely replenish the Grenade stocks for the player.

Method 4


The players can explore Asteroid X57 and find storage boxes that will give you 2 grenades each in Mass Effect. This is limited to players that have Bring Down the Sky DLC. The commander can only hold a couple of grenades at a time so you can always come back ad restock from this area. A total of 16 grenades can be found in this area.

So that is all for our guide on how to get and farm more grenades in Mass Effect 1 with their locations. If you would like to know how to romance Ashley in the game, do check out our article on that too.