Blade Ball: How To Get Golden Tickets

Looking to load up on some Golden Tickets in Blade Ball so that you can use them to earn unique rewards? Here are a few different ways you can farm these Tickets.

With the introduction of the Tournament mode in Blade Ball, players can strive to collect some of the best rewards and coins by taking part in all the different challenges. You can also get the chance to use the Tournament Crate, which consists of numerous exciting rewards as well. Similarly, players have been wondering how they can get Golden Tickets in Blade Ball, as it is used to open this special crate. Therefore, here’s everything you need to know about earning these Tickets.

How to Get Golden Tickets in Blade Ball

How To Get Golden Tickets In Blade Ball

There are a few different ways you can get these Tickets. The first one is by taking part in the Tournaments. However, players will have to make sure they win in order to get a Golden Ticket as a reward. Every Tournament will consist of 5 rounds, therefore, you will be able to all 5 Golden Tickets if you can complete each round without failing.

Once you finish a Tournament, you will get 5 Golden Tickets. Therefore, if you have been successful in winning all the rounds as well, you could possibly earn a total of 10 Golden Tickets.

On the other hand, if this method is too time-consuming, you can also go to the Tournament Crate, which is located in the game lobby, and claim your Ticket. To do this, you will simply have to click on ‘Day‘. However, you will have to ensure you login daily if you want to collect the Day 3, Day 5, and Day 7 Golden Tickets. Here’s how many Tickets you can earn from this method –

  • Day 1 Login – 1 Ticket
  • Day 3 Login – 3 Tickets
  • Day 5 Login – 5 Tickets
  • Day 7 Login – 7 Tickets

Lastly, you can also get Golden Tickets by purchasing them with Robux. This will directly eliminate the participation in Tournaments as well as the daily logins. Here’s the amount of Robux you will have to spend –

  • 3 Golden Tickets for 99 Robux.
  • 15 Golden Tickets for 399 Robux.
  • 30 Golden Tickets for 699 Robux.
  • 75 Golden Tickets for 1299 Robux.

Tournament Crate Rewards in Blade Ball

Here’s a list of all the rewards you can get from the Tournament Crate once you have used your Golden Ticket to unlock it –

  • Bronze World (25% chance)
  • Silver Blade (20% chance)
  • Golden Sword (10% chance)
  • Diamond Sword (5% chance)
  • Comic Boom Explosion (10% chance)
  • One Arm Push-Up Emote (16% chance)
  • Bye Bye Emote (10% chance)
  • Trophy Bump Emote (3% chance)
  • Secret Sword/Explosion (1% chance)

And that is all you need to know about getting Golden Tickets in Blade Ball and how you can spend it. If you want to know more about this game, don’t forget to browse through our Martyrdom Ability Guide and also check out Anime Sword Guide, right here on Gamer Tweak.