How To Get Golden Pets In Pet Simulator X

Here's everything you need to know about how to get Golden Pets in Pet Simulator X.

Pet Simulator X is about collecting Pets, getting coins and diamonds, and upgrading pets. With every upgraded pet, their stats increase. The first upgrade for the pets in the game is golden pets. Golden pets have three times more stats than normal pets. If you are curious about how to get Golden Pets in Pet Simulator X then read this article till the end.

How to get Golden Pets in Pet Simulator X?

Make Golden Pets in Pet Sim X

  • To get Golden Pets you can buy Normal eggs.
  • Normal eggs have a 7% chance of getting Golden Pets. Hence, you may have to buy a normal egg several times to get a Golden Pet.
  • Another way is by buying Golden Eggs. Buying Golden Eggs is a sure-cut way to get Golden Pets. But, one must also keep in mind that Golden Eggs are 9 times costlier than Normal Eggs.
  • Another way to get a Golden Pet is through Golden Machine. In Golden Machine, you can upgrade any pet into a Golden Pet in exchange for Diamonds.
  • As per the game mechanics the more pets you add to the golden machine higher the probability of you getting a Golden Pet, or you may end up losing your pet for nothing.
  • Adding one pet to the machine gives you a probability of 13% Success which costs 250 Diamonds while adding six pets gives you 100% Success which Costs 1,250 Diamonds.
  • Hence, the recommended amount of pets to insert in the Golden machine is 3 – 4 pets as these give about 47% to 63% chance of Golden Pet with minimal risk of losing pets.

What kind of Upgraded Pets can you find in the Game?

Along with Golden Pets, the game also currently features Rainbow Pets and Dark Matter Pets. Normal pets can be upgraded using the Rainbow Machine and the Dark Matter Machine, respectively. The most recent game update removed the Rainbow Dark Matter Pets upgrade for pets, which had extremely high stats in the previous version.

That’s all you need to know about how to get Golden Pets. Also, check out our Roblox Guides for all the Roblox games.