How To Get Gilgamesh In Anime Adventures

looking to unlock the new unit Gilgamesh in Roblox Anime Adventures? Check out this guide to know how to get him.

The Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures is the latest unit added to the game. A Secret limited unit based on the Fate/Stay Night series. Altogether there are five categories of the unit in the game including secret, mythic, legendary, epic, and rare units. If you’re looking for ways to get him into your repository, this guide will walk you through the process to unlock Gilgamesh.

How to Unlock Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures

Unlock Get Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures
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In order to unlock Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures is a bit tricky process as you need to complete a special challenge. To access this special challenge, you need to enter one of the portals and fight with 20 waves of enemies and Gilgamesh.

To begin with, we recommend you have more of the fate character units like Lancer, Archer, Saber, Illy, and Media. These character units increase the chance of getting more drops. Moving further, you need to look for any of these portals; Golden Portal, Mountain Temple, and Fate Portal.

Added, once you teleport to one of the portals, you need to fight with 20 waves of enemies. After you survive the 20 waves successfully, Gilgamesh will spawn. In order to get this unit, you need to kill him by depleting his 37 million health.

Once you kill Gilgamesh, you will be rewarded with this unit and also a few extra rewards like XP, diamonds, etc.

How to Upgrade Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures

To evolve Gilgamesh, you’ll have to craft using the below-given ingredients.

  • x12 Star Fruit
  • x4 Star Fruit (Blue)
  • x3 Star Fruit (Red)
  • x5 Star Fruit (Pink)
  • x1 Star Fruit (Rainbow)

By which Gilgamesh will evolve into Gilgamesh (King of Heroes)

That’s everything covered for how to get Gilgamesh in Anime Adventures.  You can find more guides for this Roblox title like how to get Normal Eclipse Portal or how to get Skull Knight Unit in Anime Adventures. Also, since you are into Roblox Games, check out our dedicated section here at Gamer Tweak for more such helpful tips and guides on this game.