Where To Get Giant Crusher In Elden Ring

Are you a player who loves to use weapon with insane strength? Then check out where to get the Giant Crusher in Elden Ring.

Giant Crusher in Elden Ring is a Colossal Hammer that can deal insane physical and critical damage to your enemies. Its a weapon with Strength Scaling C and Strength requirement 60. The damage and gameplay that this weapon offers makes you wish you could use ‘Buff Me Up’. If you have the strength to wield this weapon then read further as we tell you where to get it.

How to Get Giant Crusher in Elden Ring

Find Giant Crusher Elden Ring

To get Giant Crusher in Elden Ring you will have to travel to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree site of grace. As you head straight towards the south of the site of grace you will notice a camp like structure. A monster like creature falls from the sky as you enter the camp and you will have to kill it. Once you have killed it look for a chest in a carriage and open it and claim the Giant Crusher.

The hammer is made up of boulders and has the weapon skill Endure. Ashes of War can be infused in this weapon and it can be upgraded with the use of Smithing Stones. The physical and critical damage even without upgrades are off the charts with 155 + 100 damage respectively.

Giant Crusher Stats

The hammer has 26.5 weight which is why it needs a high Strength Requirement. It is the highest strength weapon in the game and has a unique one-handed and two-handed Heavy attack.

Beside the normal way there is an alternate way to get the weapon. When you travel to the camp travel on the right side of the camp. This will allow you to travel on the back side of the camp and you can avoid the monster.

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