Gerudo Scimitar Location Tears Of The Kingdom (TOTK)

Junaid Shaikh
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After the upheaval in the lore of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK), the Gerudo Scimitars have now decayed. This is one of the parts required to make the Scimitar of the Seven champion weapon. This can be done by Isha, who will set you off on a course to find these pieces. It even includes a Gerudo shield. Find out below how you can find Gerudo Scimitars for it.

How to Find Gerudo Scimitar Locations in Tears of the Kingdom (TotK)

gerudo scimitar tears of the kingdom totk

Listed below are all the locations you can get the Gerudo Scimitar in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK):

  • Gerudo Town
  • Ancient Prison Ruins
  • Potential drop from defeating Moldugas

Let’s go in-depth on these locations and how to find Gerusi Scimitar at each one.

Gerudo Town

Getting a Gerudo Scimitar from Gerudo Town is by far the easiest way to get one. This is how it can be done after starting the quest Riju of the Gerudo:

  1. You will be tasked with getting into Gerudo Shelter undetected using the waterways beneath Gerudo Town.
  2. Follow the bottled letters until you reach below the room they’re coming from.
  3. So, use Ascend to go into this room and find Riju at the North Gerudo Ruins.
  4. Here, after meeting her, you will be tasked with defending Gerudo Town.
  5. Head to the left wing of the palace in Gerudo Town and find the lady giving supplies for the fight.
  6. On the weapon rack there, you will find the Gerudo Scimitar

Ancient Prison Ruins

Two Gerudo Scimitars can be found in the Ancient Prison Ruins in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). So, here is how you can get it:

  1. Head to Palu Wasteland and jump into the quicksand pit which is located at coordinates -3067, -3063, 0075.
  2. Make your way through it until you find a prison cell on the left side.
  3. Use Ultrahand to get the first Gerudo Scimitar lying in the sand inside the cell.
  4. Make your way through until you get to the ruins. This is where the stairs start to fall.
  5. Now, when you fall to the lowest floor, find the statue pointing the sword in the direction of the shrine.
  6. Stand before the gates of the shrine and use ascend.
  7. You will now reach the room with the chest that has Gerudo Scimitar in it.

Farming from Molduga

One of the harder ways to get Gerudo Scimitar in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) is by defeating Molduga. But, he can only be found at the Toruma Dunes at (-4658, -2834, 0039). Once defeated, he will drop two chests. These chests can contain several types of Gerudo weapons or even a shield. Gerudo Scimitar is not guaranteed but you can keep farming him after every blood moon.

That is how you can get the Gerudo Scimitar in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom (TotK). Since you are looking for the Gerudo Scimitar weapon, you might be interested in knowing how to perform critical hits in Zelda TOTK.