Solo Leveling Arise: How To Get Gate Keys

Gates, as you know, are the source of most monsters and before there is a dungeon break, players can enter a dungeon in Solo Leveling Arise. However, for that to happen, players will need to know how to get gate keys in Solo Leveling Arise. Although easy to obtain, these keys are quite expensive so players need to make sure the dungeon is rewarding and useful.

There are a few different types of gates, Normal Gate, Red Gate, Bonus Gate, Special Gate, and Dungeon Break. Out of these, Red Gate and Special Gate are the best ones since there are a bunch of items including Rune Fragments available that can be quite helpful. Apart from that, Bonus Gate produces random rewards and they can be useful on occasion. Apart from types, gates are also ranked from E to S with S rank having the highest difficulty but also the best rewards.

How to Get Gate Keys in Solo Leveling Arise

Solo Leveling Arise How To Get Gate Keys
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Every player gets a minimum of 10 Gate Keys and at the daily reset time, these are refreshed so players can explore more dungeons, slay enemies, and collect the loot. Once players increase their ranks, the gate key capacity increases as well. There is also the possibility that you might find that number to be less and if you want more, the only way to get more gate keys in Solo Leveling Arise is by purchasing it from the shop.

For 150 Essence Stones, players can purchase a pack of gate keys allowing them to continue exploring dungeons. Do note that players can purchase more gate keys even if they have the maximum count but the game will skip the refreshing at the daily reset time. Each time a player enters a dungeon, they will use one Key and if they fail, players can replay the dungeon without having to use another one.

That’s all you will need to get Gate Keys in Solo Leveling Arise. If you want to pull some SSR characters, you should know how to farm Custom Draw Tickets in the game. Along with that, do check out the Solo Leveling Arise codes in our guide here while you are at Gamer Tweak.