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Lost Ark: How To Get The Frustrated Emote & Its Location

You can show you are angry in Lost Ark by using the Frustrated Emote. Check out this guide to learn its location and how to get it.

Frustrated is one of the many emotes that you can get in Lost Ark. Since this is an MMORPG game, having creative ways to express yourself can make the game fun for everyone. And frustration is an important emotion that you can use in the game to show players when you are angry and upset. So in this guide let us quickly check the location of the frustrated emote in Lost Ark and learn how to get it.

How to Get the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark


how to get the frustrated emote in lost ark
Image Credit: iSosa on YouTube

You can get the Frustrated Emote by completing The Totoikis’ Dream Creation Quest. Before you take this quest be sure you have the song Heart’s Melody unlocked. Follow the steps below.

  1. Head to the Toto Silver Island. You can recognize it as the island below Pleccia.
  2. Here find the NPC Toto Elder and talk to them.
  3. This will allow you to start the “The Totoikis’ Dream Creation” quest.
  4. In this quest you need to:
    1. Look after or Take care of the eggs of creation. (You can check about them in your manual)
    2. Next, you need to help in the hatching of these Eggs of Creation.
    3. Finally, play the Heart’s Melody for it to complete this quest.


Once, you are done with the quest you can find the new emote in your inventory.

How to use the Frustrated Emote

You can use the Frustrated Emote by typing /frustrated in the chatbox. Alternatively, you can also press Y on your keyboard and go to the Emote tab. Here search for it and use it.


That covers this guide on how to get the Frustrated Emote in Lost Ark and its location. If you like using emotes then check our other guide on how to get all emotes in Lost Ark. I also suggest you check our guide on how to get every song in this game.