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Genshin Impact: How To Get Friendship EXP & Increase Companionship Level

Here is how you can get Friendship EXP in Genshin Impact.

In Genshin Impact, you can learn more about your favorite characters by increasing your Friendship level with them. You can do that by earning Companionship EXP. This lets you unlock their stories, voice-overs, and even namecards. But not knowing how to get this EXP can make the process tedious. So without further ado check out how to get Friendship EXP in Genshin Impact and increase your Companionship Level.


How to Get Friendship EXP in Genshin Impact

how to get friendship exp in genshin impact

To get Friendship EXP you need to do various tasks while having the character in your Party. It doesn’t matter whether you are using them, or if they are in one of the slots. You will get Companionship EXP for them. And yes this even applies to incapacitated characters. So here are the different ways you can get Friendship also known as Companionship EXP in this game:

  • Daily Commissions: Every day you can complete 4 daily commissions. Per commission gives you 25-60 Companionship Exp based on your current Adventure Rank. So remember to complete all 4 of them to get 4x the Friendship EXP for them all.
  • Daily Commissions Bonus: If you do complete all 4 Commissions you also get 45–100 additional Companionship EXP for claiming its bonus reward.
  • Defeating Bosses: There are two types of bosses in this game:
    • Normal Bosses: These include defeating enemies like Hypostasis, Regisvine, Rhodeia of Loch, Primo Geovishap, and more. You can defeat them daily and even repeatedly as they respawn after a few minutes. But you will have to use 40 Original Resin to claim these rewards. One of the rewards here is Friendship EXP. Based on your AR you can get 30–45 Companionship EXP per boss.
    • Weekly Bosses: These include defeating enemies like Andrius, Dvalin, Childe, and more. As the name implies these are weekly bosses that you can only claim rewards of per week. Just like Normal bosses, here too you will have to spend Original Resin to claim your rewards. Based on your AR you can get 55–70 Companionship EXP per boss.

The above 3 methods are the best ways as they give you the most Friendship EXP. But if you still want more of it then you can also do these things.

  • Doing Ley Line Outcrop: Ley Line Outcrop is nothing but battle challenges. These are two types Blossom of Revelation and Blossom of Wealth. While the two give you separate rewards for the most part. Both of them have two common rewards and they are Adventure EXP and Companionship EXP. For every Ley Line Outcrop challenge, you complete you can get 10-20 Friendship EXP.
  • Completing Domains: Completing challenges that the different Domains offer is also a good way to earn some quick Friendship EXP. The higher the difficulty the more EXP you get.
  • Completing Random Events: While exploring the world of Tevyat you will occasionally come across Random Events. And even though you can ignore them, one of the benefits of completing them is it grants you Companionship EXP.

How to Increase Friendship Level

Using the above methods you collect Companionship EXP. And after you have enough Companionship EXP your friendship level with that character will automatically increase. You need a total of 29,100 Companionship EXP to reach level 10 Friendship with the character of your choice.

That covers this guide on how to get friendship EXP in Genshin Impact and increase companionship level. For more help on this game be sure to check out our Genshin Impact guides.