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FFXIV Free Pizza Emote Guide

This is how you can get a pizza emote in FF14.

Due to the recent Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker release, Square Enix has partnered with Grubhub to offer the players living in North America a free pizza emote with a free delivery from Grubhub. That means you can enjoy a pizza meal in real life as well as in FF14 This pizza emote is redeemable only to Square Enix’s North American accounts. Square Enix stated in the Item code details that, “It may be possible to obtain this item via other means in the future”. So, there is still hope for non-North American players to get a pizza emote in the future. Here’s how to get a pizza emote in FFXIV.

How to Get Free Pizza Emote in FFXIV

How to get a free pizza emote in FFXIV

  • Place any order of $15 dollars or more excluding the taxes and tips from Grubhub on December 9, 4:30 PM (PST). Grubhub is an online food delivering company.
  • Use the promo-code “ENDWALKER” before checking out the order.
  • The promo code is redeemable till December 15,8:15 PM (PST).
  • In addition to a free emote, the first 20,000 players to use the promo code by placing the order during Game Awards on December 9, from 4:30 PM to 8:30 PM (PST) will receive a free delivery up to $6 on Grubhub.
  • You will receive the redeemable code to the pizza emote on the registered Grubhub email.

How to redeem the pizza emote in-game in FF14?

Follow these simple steps to get your pizza emote easily:

  1. Go to Mog Station web page and log-in your Square Enix account.
  2. Navigate through Enter the item code.
  3. Redeem the pizza emote by entering the code.

This is how you can get a free pizza emote in FFXIV. For more tips and guides on FFXIV, stay tuned with Gamer Tweak. If you face error codes such as 3001 or 2002 (lobby server connection), we’ve got guides to give you a fix so that you can jump into the game right away.