How To Get Explosives & Clear Rock Barriers In Dredge

Check out this guide to know how to get Explosives in Dredge.

While exploring the vast oceans in Dredge, you will come across pathways blocked by debris. To get past them, you will have to destroy them using Explosives. You heard it right, a big explosion can clear your way removing the barricade of rocks. However, an Explosive is not something you have by default in this game. In fact, you will have to perform certain activities to get your hands on it. That being said, here’s how you can get Explosives in Dredge.

How to Get Explosives in Dredge

First things first, you will have to complete the Hermitage Pursuit in order to unlock Explosives in Dredge. Without completing this quest, you can’t get explosives. To begin this quest, head over to Ingfell, a town located in the Gale Cliffs region. Upon reaching there, speak to the Retired Whaler who then reveals about his long lost brother known as Hermit.

After this interaction, talk to his brother, Hermit by heading to the Ruins dock in Gale Cliffs. He will then ask you to find a Family Crest around. Upon delivering the Family Crest to the Retired Whaler, you will be given an Explosive to blow up a rock barrier nearby. Further, unite both brothers to finally complete this quest and get your hands on a free set of Packed Explosives in Dredge.

How to Get Explosives in Dredge

Post this quest, Explosives will be available for purchase from Retired Whaler and the Travelling Merchants. You can interact with them to purchase it for $36 per piece. Stocking up Explosives takes place in Inventory so ensure not to acquire an excess of it. Keep in mind that only interactable Rocks or Barricades can be removed using Explosives in Dredge. If you find any, go near it and interact to use Explosives on it.

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