How To Get An Egg Of Power In Palworld (Breeding Guide)

Create a team of the strongest Pals by using the Egg of Power in Palworld.

Even before the release of Palworld, it gained massive popularity among the players. This open world is more than just survival. You explore, fight, farm, build, and create your own team of mysterious creatures called Pals to work alongside you. There are all kinds of Pals, from a cute, cuddly Teafant to a huge Wumpo. While many can be captured, there are also those that you have to breed with the Egg of Power. If you don’t have any idea about how to get this egg, here is all you need.

Don’t get deceived by the appearance; some look like angels but are like devils. When selecting the creatures for breeding, it is best to check their attributes as well as their power by engaging them in a fight.

Palworld Breeding System: How to Get an Egg of Power

Palworld Breeding System Egg Of Power
Image Credit: Steam

You get Egg of Power by breeding male and female Pals. All of them have genders, which you can check from the stats after capturing them. You can breed the Pals of the same species or cross-breed to get a new variant. The same species of egg will hatch the more powerful variants of those and, once in a while, Shining.

There is no saying which attributes and appearance the child will take in crossbreeding, but it will be a completely new species to the Palworld. For example, Jormuntide and Horned Fiery Cat give you Fiery Cat Jormuntide.

Apart from the regular ones, there are Alpha and Lucky Pals. Alpha is the huge boss variant with titles, and Lucky is the shining one. By fusing the Alpha, like Mammorest (King of the Forest), with the Lucky one, you might obtain a species stronger than both of them. Even the weaker variants with unique attributes can give a powerful one, possibly someone with two elements too.

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