How To Get Roblox Dynamic Animated Heads & Faces

If you want to make your emotes & interaction more exciting with facial animations, here's how to get the Dynamic Animated Heads in Roblox.

Roblox has been consistently adding new features that level up the platform and this visual improvement was highly anticipated by fans. Now, players can have realistic facial expressions on Roblox via Dynamic Animated heads and yes, they will work with emotes. In the near future, they will also work with voice chat! Here’s how to get these facial animations on your Roblox Character.

How to Get Dynamic Animated Heads/Faces on Roblox Character (Facial Expressions)

To get facial expressions on your Roblox character and emotes, follow these steps:

  • First, head to the Heads Catalog here – there are 3 free Dynamic animated heads available right now, and more may be added soon. There’s Dylan Default, Makeup Minimalist and Chiseled Good Looks. You don’t have to spend any Robux or money to get them.

how to get facial expressions roblox character

  • Take your pick and click on the Get button. Confirm the action by clicking on Get Now on the pop-up.

how to get facial animation emote roblox

  • Now, when you launch a Roblox experience, you will be able to use an animated face through emotes, if the experience has this feature enabled. If you are a developer and wish to use these Dynamic Heads, you can check out this announcement on the Devforum. You can use facial animations on NPCs, add them to your in-experience avatar editor, retrofit in-experience emotes and animations to include a face component, and more!

Check it out in action here:

What’s the Difference between Dynamic Heads and Static Heads?

In the Roblox Shop, the animated heads as now classified as “Heads”, whereas the original heads and faces are renamed “Classic Heads”. The original face has no animation and remains expressionless even during the body animation. But now, your Roblox games will be packed with much more liveliness than before!

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