How To Get Dark & Depths Armor In Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

By Shubham
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The Dark Armor and the Depths Armor sets are unarguably the rarest sets to get in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. While the Depths Armor offers a great deal of protection, it also offers Link the Gloom Resistance. Speaking of the Dark Armor set, many players are eager to get the Dark Tunic and Trousers for a cool new look.  But before you can get or buy this armor set, you must unlock a unique shop and currency for both. Don’t worry, check out our guide on how to unlock Dark Armor and Depths Armor in Zelda: TOTK.

How to Unlock Dark & Depths Armor in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

how to get dark armor & depths armor zelda tears of the kingdom

You can unlock the Dark Armor and Depths Armor by buying them deep within the Depths in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. But as mentioned earlier buying both armor sets requires a unique currency called Poes and completing a certain side-quest titled “A Call from Depths“.

  • You can start this quest in the Great Plateau region on the following map coordinates:
    • (-0822, -2027, and 0119)
  • As you pray to the Poe statue, it will direct you to the four locations on the map to find its eyes.
  • With the side quest adventure started you must find its eyes and throw them into the nearby Chasms.
  • You can complete this quest by inserting all four eyes into the chasms.
  • For that, head to the Bargainer Statue at the Great Abandoned Central Mine. Its map coordinates are as follows:
    • (-0251, 0150, 0021)
  • Using the Ultrahand ability, insert all four eyes into the Chasm.
  • Doing so will reward you with a Light of Blessing that you can use to get 1 Stamina vessel or a Heart container.
  • Once you complete the Call from Depths quest, pray to that Poe statue to trade items.
  • Over there, you can buy the Dark Tunic or chest armor for 150 Poes.
  • Aside from buying armor sets, you can also trade Poes to get other items.

But where to find the Tunic of the Depths or the remaining items from the Dark armor set? Scroll till the end to find out.

How to Get Dark Armor & Depths Sets in TOTK

how to get dark armor & depths armor zelda tears of the kingdom
Image Source – FP Good Game on YouTube.

For other items from Dark Armor set and the Depths Armor set, you must find specific Bargainer Statues. Every Statue offers a different variety of clothes and armor in exchange for the Poes.

So, here’s every Bargainer statue along with their map coordinates and the items they offer in TOTK:

  • Wellspring of Wisdom Bargainer Statue: Dark Trousers
    • Map Coordinates: (3860, -1497, -0721)
    • Price: 200 Poes
  • Plains Bargainer Statue: Tunic of Depths
    • Map Coordinates: (0456, -0802, -0471)
    • Price: 150 Poes
  • Wellspring of Power Bargainer Statue: Gaiters of the Depths
    • Map Coordinates: (3699, 2597, -0415)
    • Price: 200 Poes
  • Hood of the Depths
    • Map Coordinates: (-1027, 2693, -0213)
    • Price: 300 Poes

We will update the above list with more Bargainer Statues and Armor items as soon as we discover them.

That’s all about how to get Dark Armor and Depths Armor in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. If you liked this guide, check out our more guides on how to cross Broken Rails, how to stop Rain and Thunder, and more Legend of Zelda: TOTK Guides in our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.

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