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How To Get Dark Coat In Blox Fruits

Here's how you can find Dark Coat in Blox Fruits.

Blox Fruits is an addictive and entertaining game for many players who like to play in Roblox. One of the things that makes it interesting is to obtain items that are challenging, such as Dark Coat. As Dark Coat is one of the rare mystical accessories, it becomes valuable for many players, especially for those focusing on their fruit mains. It gives 15% Fruit damage which can play a crucial part during battles. Hence, to obtain such accessories, here are some tips for you.


How to Get Dark Coat in Blox Fruits

Dark Coat Blox Fruits accessory


This is how you can obtain the Dark Coat:

  1. Obtain Fist of Darkness
  2. Summon and Defeat Darkbeard

Obtain Fist of Darkness

Fist of Darkness can only be obtained in two ways:

  • Kill Sea Beast: Can be killed by Summoning Sea Beast
  • Find it in the Chest from Second Sea: ‘Fist of darkness’ spawns in the chest every 4 hours in the Second Sea. (Fist of darkness cannot be stored in the backpack, hence when you die you will lose the item and have to collect it again.)

Summon and Defeat Darkbeard

Even though there is a 2% chance to unlock this accessory after defeating Darkbeard, it is worth trying. To defeat Darkbeard who is a 1,000-level raid boss, you first need to summon him. He can be summoned to the Altar using the ‘Fist of Darkness’ obtained by killing the Sea Beast by you. After defeating Blackbeard 1,500 fragments will be rewarded to anyone who dealt the damage along with an increase of three levels.


Why you should use Dark Coat?

The buffs you can obtain through Dark Coat include 15% Fruit Damage along with +600 Health and +600 Energy. Also, having a pale scarf over this coat can give additional useful buff, such as increased sword damage. When it comes to Fruit mains this accessory is much more useful due to the 15% fruit damage. It is one of the rare mystical accessories in the game. It is the only item that gives the title Wicked Captain when obtained.

What Does it Lack?

Even though it has 15% fruit damage, it is best for the one developing their fruit mains. It is not much of a use for any other built, such as Swordsman or gun user.


This was everything you wanted to know about how to get Dark Coat in Blox Fruits.