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How To Get Crystal Core In Genshin Impact (Best Locations To Farm)

Collect a stock of Crystal Core and be prepared for Update 1.1.

Crystal Core is not much important in Genshin Impact as of now, but it will soon be after the release of update 1.1. From the new update, the item will be used to craft Condensed Resin that will be used to double the rewards from Ley Line Blossoms and Petrified Trees. However, you don’t have to wait for the update to start farming Crystal Core, because they are already available currently. In this Genshin Impact Crystal Core farming guide, we will give you the best locations where you can get and store a decent amount of the item.


Where do I Get Crystal Core in Genshin Impact?

You will get Crystal Cores by hunting Crystalflies in Mondstadt and Liyue region. You will find Crystalflies flying across the world of Teyvat in the wild. However, there are a few locations where they spawn regularly and in great numbers.


Where to find crystalfly in genshin impact


These Crystalflies are easy to spot even during the day, but it will help if you go out on their hunt at night. That’s because this small-butterflies glow, and hence, become more visible during the night.

What Is The Best Location to Farm Crystalfly in Mondstadt?

The Statue of the Seven in Windrise is the location to head to to get a decent amount of Crystalflies in Mondstadt. They will be flying, hence, you can either jump to get them, if in reach, or use a character like Venti. Don’t use Anemo abilities to hit them or you won’t be able to catch them before they despawn.


best locations to farm crystal core in genshin impact

What Is The Best Location to Farm Crystalfly in Liyue?

The Liyue region has Geo Crystalflies that have a Yellow glow. The Domain of Guyun in the Guyun Stone Forest area is the best place to catch Crystalflies in Genshin Impact. You don’t have to enter the domain to get them, as they will be easily available outside the domain entrance.

best locations to catch crystalfly in genshin impact

Now you know the best locations to get Crystalflies in Genshin Impact. So head there and collect a stock of them so that when Update 1.1 arrives, you can start crafting Condensed Resin in Genshin Impact. There are several craftable items in the game, and you will require many ingredient items to get them. You can read our guides on how to get Pepper, Potato, and Onion in Genshin Impact. The craftable materials are supposed to make your character strong. You will also require to increase your Elemental Mastery for each character to increase their attack stats and overall strength.