How To Earn Coins Fast In Toilet Tower Defense

Want to summon better Units? Here are all the ways to get Coins fast in Toilet Tower Defense.

Toilet Tower Defense is one of the most popular TD games on Roblox today. From taking part in the events to defending your base against the waves of enemies, there is so much for players to do here. In this world of the TTD, Coins are the most necessary things. We use them for summoning better units and taking part in the different modes.

No matter if you have just started the game or have advanced to a certain level, their usage is only going to increase. The starter units are good, but they are not enough to solo defend and win in Hard and Nightmare modes. So here we have given the best ways and tips to earn Coins fast in Toilet Tower Defense.

Best Ways to Get Coins Fast in Toilet Tower Defense

Best Ways to Get Coins Fast in Toilet Tower Defense
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Play With Friends for Coin Boost

Playing with friends not only makes clearing waves faster but also gives you a Coin Boost. The boost differs with their numbers, specifically:

  • 1 Friend = x1.2 Coins Boost
  • 2 Friends = x1.4 Coins Boost
  • 3 Friends = x1.5 Coins Boost
  • 4 Friends = x1.6 Coins Boost

Use Codes

The codes of the Toilet Tower Defense give you hundreds of Coins at once. Sometimes, by redeeming just three to four of them, you get enough currency to pull 10 summons. It is possible to get a boost from them too, so if you haven’t used them by now, here is how to get and redeem codes in TTD.

Auto Skip to Clear Faster

Once you and your friends have placed the Units all over the area, you can select Auto Skip. This will save you time waiting for the next wave to arrive. The game will become faster but also more dangerous, so if you don’t have more than two players or are playing in Hard or Nightmare, avoid doing that. After you have unlocked the Epic and Legendary Units, skipping the waves won’t be very difficult, so use the Coins you earn from here to summon them.

Difficulty Mode

Different difficulty modes give different amounts of Coins. As you can see from the friend Coins Boost chart, it is better to play with others, but it is also crucial to know what units your team has. It is better to attempt Easy or Medium than lose the base and start again. Depending on your Units, this is what is recommended:

  • Easy: Starter Units
  • Medium: Rare+ Units
  • Hard: Epic+ Units
  • Nightmare: Legendary+ Units

AFK Farm

This might seem like a slow process, but it can become faster by combining with Coin Boost, Premium, and Gamepass. Purchasing them might be difficult, so simply playing AFK is also not a bad option. You get 1 Coin per minute, even in the basic version.

Sell Old Units

After you have unlocked the Epic, Legendary, or even the Rare Units, you will start relying on them. If you don’t plan to use the Starter ones, it is better to sell them and use summons with the money. You may again get them from Summons, but it is still better to keep those Units you are using rather than them.

That’s all about how to get Coins fast in Toilet Tower Defense. If this was interesting to you, do check out our other guides, like how to get more Units and the TTD Value tier list.