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Lost Ark – How To Get Card XP Easily

Learn how to get Card XP in Lost Ark from this guide.

In Lost Ark, every player gets certain Cards. These Cards are stat boosts and if you possess the whole set will give you a set bonus stat boost. This is the most simple explanation of the Card System. To be more precise, the Cards in the game are consumable items. Once you equip a Card, you will gain its benefits. As you equip more of them, the more stacked you will be. Certain Cards have set bonuses, having more cards of the same set is always beneficial. Once you have the Cards that you want, you should upgrade them by using Card XP. In this guide, I will show you how to get Card XP in Lost Ark.

How to Get Card XP in Lost Ark


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In Lost Ark, Card XP is a special type of XP that the player can use to upgrade their existing Cards. You can earn it in one of two ways, by deleting Cards or through XP Card Packs. The first method is pretty simple. If you get too many duplicates of a certain Card, then you can delete a few and get their XP. Over time you will get enough XP that you will be able to upgrade other Cards. To get more Cards, you should talk to the Wandering Merchants in the game.

The other way, i.e. XP Card Packs can be gotten through Login Rewards or through purchasing them in the Cash Shop with Crystals. If you can’t get the XP Card Packs in the game then there is another method. Instead of XP Card Packs, you can get XP Cards. You can obtain them through Chaos Dungeons. Cards like Eternity Essence and Soul Leaf XP Cards are the best way to get easy Card XP in the game.


This was all about getting the Card XP in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on How To Get To The Shadowfallen Giant Locarok & Its Location in Lost Ark.