How To Get Calcium Equum In Witcher 3

Read this guide to know how to get Calcium Equum in Witcher 3.

Calcium Equum is an Alchemy Ingredient in Witcher 3. This is one of the first ingredients that your character – Geralt will learn about in the game. It is a vital ingredient as it is a part of several recipes in the game. The ingredient is also sometimes referred to as ‘horse lime’. As important as the ingredient is, many players find it difficult to find it in the game. Hence, in this guide we’ll show you how to get Calcium Equum in Witcher 3.

How to Find Calcium Equum in Witcher 3

The Calcium Equum can be bought from merchants in the overworld. The item comes in handy as it is needed for the brewing during the quest – A Potion for Triss. As she becomes wounded after attacking Kaer Morhen, she is unable to heal herself. You will need to prepare a special potion for her. Lambert will give you a list of ingredients, Calcium Equum will be one of them. During the quest, you will be able to find the ingredient hidden in a chest. But after that, they won’t be available through that method. There will be no other way to get them other than buy them from merchants. Here are its several locations in Witcher 3:

  • Herbalist – Near the roadside shrine in White Orchard
  • Tomira – In White Orchard
  • Keira Metz – Near Midcopse
  • The Pellar – Near Blackbough
  • Merchant – In the Silverton district

After the quest, finding Calcium Equum will be far from easy. Hence, if you follow the above locations, you will easily be able to get Calcium Equum in Witcher 3. We’ll also show you why it is so important to collect them.

Recipes that Require Calcium Equum

  • Enhanced Devil’s Puffball
  • Superior Devil’s Puffball
  • Grapeshot
  • Enhanced Grapeshot
  • Superior Grapeshot

This just goes to show why you should collect the ingredient early in the game. That marks the end of our guide on how to get Calcium Equum in Witcher 3. For more such content, check out our Witcher 3 page right here.