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How To Get Bee Armor In Smalland: Survive The Wilds

Unable to find Drustana to craft the Regal Armor set? Check out our guide on how to get Bee Armor in Smalland.

Once you get the Bee Armor in Smalland, you can ward off powerful insects, spiders, bugs, and other creatures. Being a Smallfolk, you must craft armor to protect yourself and survive. The Bee Armor or the Regal Armor set as referred to in the game, is one of the items you can craft and use. This armor allows you to glide mid-air. But for that, you need to find Drustana that can craft this armor set. So, here’s how you can obtain the Bee Armor and find Drustana.

How to Get Smalland Bee Armor (Regal Set)

You can get the Regal Armor or Bee Armor set by crafting it from the Drustana NPC in Smalland. But before you head to Drustana, you must find the crafting ingredients. You have to gather crafting materials for every piece of the Bee Armor Set.

So, here’s the recipe for every piece of the Bee Armor or Regal Armor Set:

Regal Mantle (Head)

  • x3 Bee Head
  • x3 Chitin
  • x3 Textile Patch

Regal Plate (Chest)

  • x10 Insect Wings
  • x12 Chitin
  • x6 Textile Patch
  • x5 Herptile Leather

Regal Vambraces (Arms)

  • x6 Chitin
  • x3 Textile Patch

Regal Graeaves (Legs)

  • x9 Chitin
  • x3 Textile Patch

You can obtain most of the above items inside treasure chests around the open world. While for the Bee Head, you would need to defeat creatures such as Bees and Bee Drones. Once you have collected the above items, head to Drustana and ask her to craft the above armor pieces.

But how to find the Drustana NPC? Scroll till the end to find out.

Where to Find Drustana (Location)

smalland bee armor

You can find the Drustana located to the extreme north of the Oak Forest. If you are unable to find her, you can also use your map to locate her station. On the map, you can see an icon with her name at the top-right.

Regal Armor Set Stats

The Chest piece or the Regal Plate will allow you to glide mid-air which can be effective to fast travel. However, it’s worth noting that Gliding consumes Stamina. If you run out of stamina, you will flutter rather than fall. So, here are the stats for the Bee Armor or the Regal Armor Set:

  • Cold Protection: +3
  • Protection: +5
  • Edged Resist: +3%
  • Movement Speed: +0%

The Durability for the head and chest pieces is 150. At the same time, the Regal Vambraces (arms) and Regal Greaves (legs) pieces have a 140 Durability.

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