How To Easily Get Battle Record B In Scarlet Nexus

Battle Record B In Scarlet Nexus is a rare drop that only a few enemies drop in the game. Check how to get it right here

Battle Record B In Scarlet Nexus is a rare item that you can get in the game. While it is not easy enough to get your hands on it, only a few enemy types drop this special item as a reward. If you’re looking forward to knowing how to get in the game. Here’s everything that you should know.

How To Get Battle Record B In Scarlet Nexus

Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus can only be obtained if you eliminate specific enemies. These enemies are tough and can be a bit difficult to find if you do not know the exact location of where to find them.

To get Battle Record B In Scarlet Nexus you will need to defeat and eliminate the following enemies in the game:

  • Vase Paws
  • Scummy Pendu
  • Bile Pool
  • Fuel Pool

how to get battle record b in scarlet nexus

Battling the above enemy types isn’t easy as you might have known by now, Scarlet Nexus really likes to push their gamers and bring the best out of them. But using methods like Brain Crush and Brain Drive can help you take on tougher and stronger enemies.

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 If you’re looking out for the above enemies, your best bet is to search the first area of the game, Kikuchiba. Going down a level to the marketplace and construction site will also help you to find and eliminate them.

Using Battle Crush will benefit as you’re guaranteed to get a rare item after defeating your enemies and since the Battle Record B in the game is a rare item, this will help to increase your chances.

Make sure to have a steady stream of attacks going on so that you can use combo attacks. Rush follow-up attacks or psychokinesis follow-up attacks will help you to defeat your enemies even faster and we highly recommend that you use them.

This is all there is to know about how to get Battle Record B in Scarlet Nexus, while you’re here make sure to check out how to get Battle Record A in Scarlet Nexus right here on Gamer Tweak.