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Destiny 2 Awoken Favors: How To Get It

Here's how you can get all the Awoken Favors in Destiny 2.

Looking to collect all the Awoken Favors in Destiny 2? If yes, then you have just arrived at the right place. As the latest Season of Defiance is now live, several new features are available to try out for players. The Defiant Battleground is one such feature that comes with the Lightfall Expansion. It is a 3-player seasonal activity, wherein you will be facing some tough challenges. In the meanwhile, you can get some additional buffs by collecting Awoken Favors. Wondering how? Here’s everything you should know about it.

How to Get Awoken Favors in Destiny 2?

As mentioned above, Awoken Favors are buffs that either you or your teammates can apply to themselves. You get the Awoken Favors by eliminating enemies in a specific way. The Favors spawn on the ground which is pretty hard to miss. Further, there are 3 types of Favors that include:

  • Exemplar of Justice – Grants a Favor that improves Melee Recharges for you and your allies after striking final blows using an Ability.
  • Exemplar of Grace – Grants a Favor that improves the Mobility of your allies and yourself after striking final blows using a Special Ammo.
  • Exemplar of Zeal – Grants a Favor that gives a recharge rate on grenades after striking final blows using Heavy Ammo.

How to Get Awoken Favors in Destiny 2?

In short, Exemplars are required for you to collect an Awoken Favor in Destiny 2.

Also, keep in mind that you need to complete the Awaken Queensguard quest. Doing so will not only unlock Favors but also unlock Upgrades & War Table. The War Table is found at the HELM wherein you can find the Exemplars in the Upgrades > Favor Attunements tab. Unlocking a Favor Attunement will let you collect Awoken Favors.

For those who don’t know, unlocking Favor Attunement requires you to spend War Table Upgrades. It is earned by completing seasonal activities. Further, keep in mind that the Awoken Favors in Destiny 2 spawn even faster if you have an Unyielding Favor armor equipped.

That covers everything about the Awoken Favors quest in Destiny 2. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Destiny 2 Guides on Gamer Tweak.