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Lost Ark: How To Get The Asura Island Token

This is how you can get the Asura Island Token in Lost Ark.

Many players in Lost Ark are trying to get the Asura Island Token. In case you don’t know, the Island Tokens in this game allows the player to level up their character. Hence you can see why players need them. But this particular island token can be a bit tricky to get. So in this guide let us check how to get the Asura Island Token in Lost Ark.

How to Get the Asura Island Token in Lost Ark


lost ark get asura island token
Image Credit: RaZzi on YouTube

You can get the Asura Island Token in this game by completing the Gangwoon’s Rematch Quest. This is quest is part of a questline, and there are some things you need to do before starting it. Here are the prerequisites for this quest, how to start it, and how to get the token.

  • Prerequisites:
    • You should complete “The Story of Fresh Blood” quest.
  • Here is how to get the quest:
    1. Go to the Asura Island. You can get to it when the island spawns. It spawns on certain days, you can check your compass to see if it is going to spawn while you are playing.
    2. Once on the island, you partake in two quests.
      • PvE: The first quest you play lets you fight different monsters. Since there are many players fighting them, there is a leaderboard system. The player with the highest eliminations is first and gets the most rewards. Followed by the last players that only participated and got participation rewards.
      • PvP: As the name suggests this is a PvP quest, so you have to fight the other players. Similar to before, the players with the most eliminations get the highest rewards, and the player with the least eliminations or those who die early gets the lowest rewards.
      • Both of these quests reward you with some number of Blood Shards. If you are very good and rank first in both quests you will collect enough Blood shards needed to purchase the quest item.  Else you can also collect it by challenging these quests again until you gather 100 Blood Shards.
    3. Go to the Storage tab in your inventory and under the Sailing Material you can check the number of Blood Shards you have.
    4. Next, go to the island spirit and exchange these 100 Blood Shards for the “Challenge of Blood” letter.
    5. Use it to start the quest.
    6. Next, complete this quest and leave the island.
    7. Now, come back to the island and accept Gangwoon’s rematch challenge.
    8. Defeat Gangwoon and you will get the Asura Island Token as a reward, also known as Asura Island Soul.


That covers everything you need to do to get the Asura Island Token in Lost Ark. In case you are looking for locations of different NPCs then check our guide for the Wandering Merchants in this game.