Warframe Arcane Energize Farming Guide

Not sure how you can get the Arcane Energize in Warframe? Then, here are some farming methods you can try.

You’re not alone, many players out there are struggling to farm Arcane Energize in Warframe. That’s because this Arcane Enchantment doesn’t not only has a low spawn rate but also has only a few farming methods. The thing that makes it one of the must-have Arcanes is its ability to provide a 60% chance to gain additional energy. And that’s not only for you but also your allies who are within 15 meters radius, every time you pick an Energy Orb. However, don’t forget it’s 15 seconds cooldown after every use. If you can’t wait to get your hands on it, then we’ll help you speed up the process. Below we have mentioned all the best farming methods to obtain Arcane Energize easily.

How Can I Farm Arcane Energize in Warframe?

How To Farm & Get Arcane Energize In Warframe

In Warframe, you can farm Arcane Energize by capturing the Eidolon Hydrolys. Or simply collecting the Rotation C drops during the Orphix Veil Proxima mission. So far these are the only and most reliable farming methods that you can use in the game. For a better understanding, let’s take a look at the above-mentioned methods in detail.

Capture Eidolon Hydrolyst

Capturing the Eidolon Hydrolyst of Plains of Eidolon is the best way to obtain the Arcane you are looking for. But don’t make the mistake of killing them, because doing so will only get you the Uncommon Arcanes. Also, let us tell you these Sentient Eidolons are not that easy to defeat and are nearly impenetrable. So in order to defeat it, you’ll need to have the right weapon for the fight. However, if you somehow manage to capture an Eidolon Hydrolyst, you’re still not guaranteed to get an Arcane Energize. As the drop rate for this enchantment is still pretty low going up to only 5.00%.

Orphix Veil Proxima Mission Rotation C Drops

Collecting the drops during the Orphix Veil Proxima mission is another way to farm Arcane Energize in Warframe. In this mission, you’ll be going to face several Sentient entities ready to knock you down. But if you successfully make it to Rotation C, then there’s a 1.41% that you’ll end up with the Arcane Energize. Players can keep doing the rotation until they get the reward they’re looking for.

That sums up all about how you can farm & get Arcane Energize in Warframe easily. If you’re dicey about which weapon you should use, then check our Best Melee Weapon tier list. Also, take a look at the Warframe Duviri codes to obtain free rewards.