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How To Get Angel Ball & Angelic Badge In Roblox Deflect

Here's a simple guide on how to get the Angel Skin & Angelic Badge in Roblox Deflect.

Getting the Angel Ball skin and Angelic Badge in Roblox Deflect is quite easy but the game does not mention how to do it. Like many other games on this platform, Deflect is a fun take on dodgeball. Although here, you cannot hold the ball but deflect it as the name suggests. Whenever you enter a game, a ball will spawn within a few seconds and shoot toward any player. If it comes to you then you have to match the timing and hit it toward another player. Players hit with the ball are killed and once you get a kill, the ball will change to your skin. This article will tell you how to obtain Angel skin.


How to Get Angel Ball & Angelic Badge in Deflect

Angel Ball in Deflect Shop

As we mentioned, the game doesn’t tell you how to get this skin, unlike other ones. Players will obtain the Angel Ball in Deflect by resurrecting 5 times in a single round and get the Angelic Badge for it. This may sound easy but there is a price to pay. Follow this step-by-step guide to get it.

  • Launch the game and you will enter a lobby.
  • Once a new round starts, you will be placed on a platform with other players.
  • There, you will see a red transparent sphere above the platform, this is where the ball spawns.
  • Stand directly below this sphere and let the ball hit you.
  • Once you die, you will get an option to revive using 25 Robux.
  • After reviving, repeat the process four more times to get the Angelic Badge and unlock the Angel Ball.
  • Then, you can click on the Open Shop button.
  • There, under the Balls section, you can equip this skin.
  • The ball switches to the skins of players who get the latest kill.

Note that you will need real money to buy Robux and you will need 125 Robux to revive 5 times. So make sure you have enough before entering the game.


That’s everything on how to get Angel Ball and Angelic Badge in Roblox Deflect. For more guides, visit our Roblox Guides section soon.